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    Complete Services For Authors


    Creating a book is a fascinating, enjoyable project... when you know how to proceed. Our experienced editors can answer your questions, teach you what you need to know, and speed your book to completion.

    We specialize in helping authors through the process, from beginning to end. First-time authors appreciate our guidance, and experienced authors recognize and appreciate the value of our services, saving them time and money while producing a professional book.


    Your Editor is Your Experienced Partner. We Guarantee You'll Look Like a Professional, Too.

    We have a great deal of skill and experience to offer authors. Why use an editor? Developmental editing helps with planning and organizing your book. Content editing helps to reorganize and revise a completed rough draft. The last step is copy editing, to correct grammar, syntax, and sentences. We care about our authors, and care about their books. We listen, answer your questions thoughtfully, and use our creativity to produce the best book possible.

    We specialize in the design of illustrated books. Images such as photographs, documents, and illustrations are valuable and fascinating to your readers.


    Book Design Transforms Mere Blank Paper Into An Interesting, Emotionally Powerful Work Of Art.

    “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yet that’s exactly what we all do. Appearances matter, because you recognize quality instantly. Simply send us your text, along with all the pictures you want to include. We will transform your manuscript into a professional digital file ready for the printer. We use the best tools - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign - to artfully design the book you envision. The book’s interior and cover are composed with text and typefaces, photos and illustrations, shapes and colors, to create a custom book you will love.


    We Format Your Book For The Printer Or Publisher You Choose, and We'll Submit The Book Files For You.

     Writing a book is interesting, but navigating the complex world of publishing is tough. We can help. Choosing the way to publish is determined by your intended audience, your plans for distribution, and your budget. Just need a few copies for the family? Ask us about printers. Dreaming of a bestseller on Ask us about commercial publishing.


     One way to get started is to contact us for a free telephone consultation. You can even email us your manuscript in advance of the consultation. We’ll take a look at it, free of charge, so that we can give you some specific advice.