Do Judge a Book By Its Cover - The Stargazer’s Daughter
Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7:16AM
Nan Barnes in Book Design and Book Production Technology

This is one of an ongoing series of commentaries on trends in book cover design by Stories To Tell Founder Nancy Barnes.

There’s a trend in the book covers coming out in 2016. I’m seeing a lot more hand-drawn illustrations and vector graphics. I suspect this is a reaction to the inferior cover design explosion that resulted from cheap stock photography. Here is a beautiful example of the kind of cover illustration that can only be achieved by an artistic pro using top-quality software and techniques. Notice how the designer placed a layer that appears to be “real” (although a painting) and then layers a clearly illustrated element above it in the foreground. This cover also has the kind of simple minimalist typography that we’re all seeing in advertising these days. I am also designing illustrated covers these days, and will make some examples available on our website.

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