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    Coming Soon To a Town Near You

    When you are encouraged and inspired, trying something new is a joy. That’s why we offer seminars about writing and publishing. We show how to produce your book, and remind you that it’s not only possible, but pleasurable, and infinitely rewarding.

    *We offer free consultations at these events. Call and schedule in advance to meet with us!

    Join us for a seminar or consultation at one of these locations:


    February 6-8  RootsTech Salt Lake City, UT

    March 14-15  St. George, UT

    March 15-16  Tucson Festival of Books, Tucson, AZ

    April 12-13  LA Times Festival of Books Los Angeles, CA

    April 30-May3 GenEx2014 Sandusky, OH

    May 7-10  National Genealogical Society Richmond, VA

    May 24  Qualicum Beach FHS, Parksville, BC

    June 6-8  SCGS Jamboree Burbank, CA

    July 27-31  International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies Salt Lake City, UT


    Our most popular seminars

    Family History Books, Start to Finish

    Professional editors and book designers will show how to create a successful book. This seminar presents a step-by-step process for first-time authors, including generating ideas for the book’s contents, planning and organizing, creating the draft, editing, designing, and publishing. We explore the options for publishing, including guidelines for choosing a printer. We also address common obstacles that many authors face and provide solutions.

    A Good Read: Make Family History Books Exciting

    Professional editors show how to make family history more relevant and interesting with fascinating stories. Learn how to collect, organize and present the stories that contain the unique drama of your family’s history. In addition, this seminar shows how to utilize and supplement factual historical content, presenting history and your ancestors in a more compelling story form that is sure to engage your readers.

    How to Plan and Organize a Family History Book

    Book editors demonstrate how to plan a book that is based on the research and materials you have gathered. The seminar will provide comparisons between chronological, biographical, and topical methods of organizing the book’s contents. You will consider which elements to include, the scope and length of the book, and the best style for your audience. Learn how to organize your research into a table of contents that makes sense to you and your readers.

    Publishing Options for Your Self Published Book

    You’ve written your draft manuscript – so what’s next? We will examine the possibilities of a book, such as illustrations, color, layout, binding, and cover design. Know how to prepare and submit your files and photos for design. Learn the right questions to ask when selecting a publisher or printer, to protect your rights, to control costs, and publish the perfect, timeless book.