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    Just Six Steps From Beginning Story Ideas to a Published Book

     Six Step Books is a complete, step-by-step process to create a family history book or memoir. Each Six Step Books author receives our Stories to Tell Author’s Guide, filled with helpful exercises and illustrations, so that you can understand each step you and your editor will take to produce your book.

    You’ll notice we say this is the easy way to “create” your book. In fact, our authors are not required to write a manuscript, and it is possible to create a book in Six Steps without even using a computer!

    For some unpublished writers, sitting down to write a book is a difficult project that may never be completed. If writing is not your hobby, we suggest you record your stories over the telephone or with a digital recorder. (See Step 3 below.) Recording is faster and easier than typing, and it can result in better stories, too. (Of course, if you enjoy writing the text, simply send your manuscript to us.)

    The author's journey is just six steps. Following a well thought-out plan prevents wasted time, frustration, and needless detours. Creating a book is much more enjoyable with a guide. To learn more and to purchase the book, click here to view it on

    The Easiest, Fastest Way to Create a Book    

    Our authors successfully complete their books, because they know exactly what they’re doing. Here is an overview of the Six Step Books experience: 

    1. Imagine: Sort through your memories, photos and documents. Do the exercises in our Author’s Guide to generate ideas.
    2. Plan: Consider the order of your stories. Arrange them on your master outline. Use our photo binder to organize your images.
    3. Create: Send your draft, or tell your stories on a digital recorder or our phone recorder. Send your photos in the mail. We type the text, scan the images, and prepare them for placement in the book.
    4. Edit: Your editor reads your draft manuscript and makes suggestions during your editor’s conference. We make any changes you'd like.
    5. Design: Your editor oversees the book design. Photos are placed; your cover is designed. You receive a proof copy for approval.
    6. Publish: We send your book to the commercial printer or publisher of your choice. We check that it's perfect (our guarantee) and then deliver it to you. 

    Your photographs and documents can be as precious, and important to preserve, as your stories. We'll show you how to send us your photos to be scanned and included in your book.

    All the Technical and Editorial Help You Need
    Six Step Books provides the technical and editorial assistance you need to publish your book. We handle the production of the book so that you can enjoy the creative parts: telling your stories and choosing your best photos and illustrations. Most important, you'll work with an experienced editor from beginning to end!