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    What Does Your Editor Want From You? How To Submit Files


    If you’ve never written a book before, you might think it’s complicated to work with an editor. In fact, it’s easy. We’ve figured out all sorts of complicated projects.These practical guidelines are all you need to get started.

    The raw ingredients of your book project boil down to two components, text and images. So your job is to gather the raw material. Don’t like writing? Use audio recording and transcribe it to text. (Ask us how.) Don’t know how to scan? Have us do it, or hire someone (ask us for scanning guidelines.) OK, now that we’ve overcome these basic obstacles, let’s assume you have lots of text and images. What next?

    First, we’ll need to read the text. It can be written in any format, in any software. You can email it or put it on a CD and mail it. If you have a lot of digital images, email attachments won’t be enough, so send us your files on a CD or flash drive. Images saved a .JPG or .PSD are best.

    You don’t have to have your book “finished” to submit it to an editor. If you have your chapters planned out and your images placed, that’s great, but most people use their editor to help with those decisions.

    Once we have the draft of your book, tell us what you need. We have several editorial services: manuscript evaluation, content editing, and copy editing. It is best (and a cost savings) to get a manuscript evaluation if your draft is rough and you’re not sure about the overall plan and contents.

    If you’re more confident about the book’s contents, you can have us content edit or copyedit. As your content editor, we’ll improve both the “big picture” (organization, chapters, etc.) and the “little picture” (paragraph contents, image placement, etc.). When you’re really sure it’s done, we copyedit (proofread) to make sure it’s perfect.

    Naturally, there’s a lot of back-and-forth as we talk about changes to your book. The best part of creating books is the collaboration – it’s fun and very creative. As you know, we’re a small company, so you can choose either Nancy or Biff as your primary editor, and Nancy does the book design and answers your technology questions.

    What else do we need from you? Tell us your goals for the book. Who is it for? How many copies, to be distributed how? What is your deadline for finishing? All these considerations are important for us to help you. We’ll put our expertise and creativity to work to make your book exactly the way you want it.

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